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What do you do when you are locked out?

Being stuck outside of your home can be not only frustrating but also very dangerous. There can be many possible reasons why you are stuck in your house or apartment, including lost or stolen keys, forgotten keys, or stuck or locked keys. Here we described What do you do when you are locked out

Whatever the cause, you don’t need to panic because you can find your way back in many ways. Some of them are discussed below.

Check Windows or Door Unlocked

Leaving a window or back door open is not safe and can make it easier for thieves to break into your home.

However, if you forget to close the windows or lock the back door before you leave and end up locked in your house, it can help you get out of a stressful situation and help you find a way back.

Unlock the door with a plastic card

If you don’t have a spare key on-hand and have no other way to get into the house, you still don’t need to break the lock as it can be opened with some tricks.

While there are many things like paper pins, black bobby boards, wire hangers, and screwdrivers that act as do-it-yourself padlock pickers, if not used properly, they can cause damage to internal components. inside of the lock, which could result in costly repairs or replacement of the entire lock.

Using a hard plastic card (credit, debit, or ID card) is the most recommended way to not destroy the entrance to your home if your door uses a low-level spring latch.

Here’s how;

Wedge your card into the crack between the door and the frame.

Move and press the handle firmly at the same time.

If it can be easily unlocked with a credit card, it will be easy for thieves to break into your home using the same trick. Therefore, you should consider upgrading your current lock to a high-security lock.

locked out

How to generate the same key for multiple locks?

Having a different key for every door of your home or commercial building is not always practical. Getting a duplicate set of key in case the original location of keys is lost and keeping track of copies being delivered to employees or neighbors makes life difficult.

Fortunately, you can get rid of your keychain now by having the same Key to open and close multiple locks in your building. Let’s see how! You can choose any simple critical management solutions discussed below to open different locks with the same Key.

Master key system:

Over the past two decades, technology has revolutionized every aspect of our daily lives, and building security is no exception. Among those technological innovations is-the master key system, which allows you to simplify and strengthen your security system by holding the same key to open multiple locks. The locks in the master key system can be opened with more than one Key.

The master locking system gives business owners precise control over their buildings by allowing them to regulate different levels of access in certain areas. There are different levels of the master key system. Three of them are discussed below.

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Master Key: A principal key can open all locks in the master key system. Business owners, managers, and cleaning staff can have copies of this Key to open any door inside the building. If your building is divided into different floors or subdivisions, you can give the same Key to certain people to open any entry on a bed, while each door maintains a foreign key.

Sub Master Key: Provided employees in office spaces to unlock their office doors and access other areas they are allowed to.

Maintenance Lock: Allows employees to access common spaces within the premises, such as the kitchen, phone room, or wellness room.

  1. Rekeying:

Are your locks in good-condition or just new? It is not necessary to change them. The best solution is to get one master key for these multiple locks with multiple keys. The technique is to change the latches inside the lock so all the locks can match a single key. For this, your old locks must fit; the same model, brand, and an exact number of pins. This way, you can simplify your security system without spending too much.

One solution to many problems!

Always be responsible for keeping all keys safe. These techniques serve as an alternative to:

· Save time finding the right Key among many keys

· Bring a lot of keys

· Easy access to many doors

· Lost Key or critical chain

· No worries about managing duplicate keys of each door key

· To change locks after some time

· Key set stolen

· Maintain the number of copies (which can be given to others)

· Key to employee or security

· With multiple attributes, you can easily remember the specific Key of any attribute


Managing different keys for multiple locks is a tough job. The same Key for multiple locks can significantly reduce the number of traditional keys required to handle a facility.

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