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Top Benefits of Access Control Systems

You may have become acquainted with an access control system in one of the following ways: 1) You work for a company with a high level of security that uses such a system, or 2) You have lived in a residential community with access control systems. Another way you may have been introduced to an access control system is if you work at a school with an access control system installed.

A trusted local locksmith has the knowledge and skills to implement access control for your business or home.
If you have never used an access control system in any of these situations, you may be wondering, “what is an access control system?” Keep reading, and you’ll learn more about what an access control system is, how it works, and whether you should install one.

What is an access control system?

An access control system is a security mechanism to control who can enter a building. Such systems are more common in highly secured commercial buildings, such as banks, government buildings, or any other building where the public is not allowed to pass through private areas freely…

How does an access control system work?

Access control systems work by allowing authorized persons to enter a secure area. Usually, access is activated by some entry mechanism in the form of a card or by entering a security code into the keypad.

Access Control Systems

Normal use

With a card system, a person waves the card over an information-reading pad embedded in the card, and this reader reads the card and grants access to the user. Usually, the user will hear the door unlock, and they will have a specific time frame to open the door or gate and enter the building, entrance, or house. If you wait too long, the door or gate will close, and you will have to regain access.

With a hybrid number system, you will likely have to enter a series of numbers to get an entry. This system is very similar to the card system and opens the door when the right button is pressed.

Some access control systems use biometrics to authorize entry. This is a much more complex system than the ones above because users gain access by using their fingerprints, eyes, or another body part to enter a facility.

Another type of access system that exists is when someone sits at the other end of the access system and grants you access. Usually, you’ll say who you are over a loudspeaker or even look into the camera, and the person granting access will let you in if they recognize you.

Scheduled activities

Sometimes access control systems can operate using schedules. For example, users can be granted access to the facility if they arrive at a specific time. Such a system could be helpful in places like schools that allow large groups to arrive early in the morning. These systems are expected to remain open until a specific point in time. Once the morning rush is done, the door will be reset to regular passcode, card, or biometric access.

Who Needs an Access Control System?

Any home or business that wants or needs to reduce risk or establish a greater sense of security. Access control systems are commonly used by establishments or individuals that require a high level of protection. For example, private companies or office buildings have it to keep things safe and monitored during off-hours or on weekends.

Access Control Systems

Even high-powered individuals like celebrities can have them to protect their assets from unauthorized access by paparazzi or fans. But these systems are not limited to such people.

If you are a homeowner and want to add an extra layer of security to your home, you can install such a system on your entry door. You can also install a controlled access system to allow certain people in your home.

Business owner, shop owner

You may not have to be a government or banking establishment to have controlled access. For example, you can install this system if you are a business owner who wants to restrict the public from entering your premises without permission. Or if you have many employees going in and out and need to keep sensitive information private.

You can also install such a system if you want to control access at certain times of the day. For example, you might be a 24-hour facility but want to ensure that people entering your business after hours are allowed in by installing such a system.

For example, there may be common access granted to all people working in the enterprise. However, for more restricted areas, only those with a specific card type such as upper management, security, or maintenance will have access to those particular building areas.

If you believe you need such a system for your home or business, these systems will add an extra level of security. It’s also great for homeowners or property managers who want to prevent thieves from breaking into the apartments or penthouses you rent. Although there are some access systems that you can install yourself, it is not recommended. You should contact a local locksmith specializing in access control to install your system.

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