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Tips Where to Hide Your Valuables

Thieves won’t tell you that they don’t want to spend a lot of time rummaging through your home looking for valuables to steal. That’s why most home burglaries take only 8 to 10 minutes. There are places that burglars usually see first when they break into your home. For that reason, it’s essential to hide your valuables in areas that aren’t too obvious. Remember that thieves get smarter over time, so it’s critical to find ways to take advantage of them.

Check out the top places to hide your valuables.

Behind the drawer

While drawers are one of the most common places burglars look when they break into your home, they rarely check the back of a drawer. There is always some space in the back of the drawer. You can stick things like passports, jewelry, and money envelopes to the back or underside of drawers.

Safe deposit box on the floor

A safe mounted on the concrete floor is the perfect place to stash your valuables. An in-floor safe will hide your valuables from thieves and protect them from damage in the event of a fire or flood. Some ideal locations in your home where you can install an in-floor safe include a closet in the bedroom, at the corner where two walls meet, near a semi-permanent fixture, or under furniture.

If you lose the key to the safe or forget the combination code.

In a potted plant

You probably have a few potted plants around the house. Why not turn one of your potted plants into a secret hiding place for your valuables? You can pack things like jewelry or cash in a watertight container and bury them in your potted plant.

Hide Your Valuables

Inside the wall clock

You can hide jewelry, bank cards, passports, or cash in a regular wall clock, as long as the watch itself isn’t worth stealing. It is unlikely that a thief will have time to check the wall clocks as they are always in a hurry.

In a safe book

A book with a secret compartment is a creative way for you to hide valuables.

Storage bins

This is one of the creative ways to hide some valuables. It’s doubtful that a thief will check a container labeled “Children’s Toys” or “Cleaning Supplies.” Don’t keep something like a gun or anything too valuable in the storage bin, but it can work for things like jewelry and small electronics.

Hide places to avoid

Thieves are intelligent people, so they know homeowners are looking for ways to protect their valuables. Some places you’ll want to avoid include jewelry boxes, CD cases, DVD cases inside, wall safes, interior photo frames, cookie jars, and file cabinets.

How A Bump Key Works

A folding lock exploits a vulnerability in standard pin tumbler locks. These locks contain spring-loaded latches arranged so that a particular key can be used to operate the lock. If you mistakenly insert the key into a standard latched lock, the latches won’t allow it to flip so the coil won’t open. But when you use the right key to open the lock, the latches will be appropriately aligned, thus allowing for flipping. When you insert the collision key into the keyway and hit it with a hammer or heavy object, you will create a temporary straight line, and then you can use the folding key to turn the flipper to unlock the door.

What If You Tried Bump Keys On Your Car?

Using a collision key on your car will only result in the breaking of the lock or key. If you forcefully insert a collision key into your car’s safety, the top pads will jump, but the bottom places won’t be affected. Car locks using sliders will not be affected because it is nearly impossible to move the sliders uniformly.

What key can a thief use to break into your car?

A folding key, equivalent to a folding key, can control a vehicle lock without a transponder. A rocker key is inserted into the lock and moves up and down gently. This key can be used by criminals to unlock your car’s doors and ignition cylinders. One of the practical ways to prevent thieves from entering your vehicle using a zigzag key is to replace your locks and ignition cylinders with an upgraded model.
If your car has an outdated security system, you are making it easier for criminals to compromise its security system. Remember that criminals get smarter over time, so it’s essential to work with a locksmith to upgrade your car’s security.

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