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The steps you should take when you have a broken lock

Like many homeowners across the globe, you most likely rely on locks – whether it’s a front door lock, a window lock, or even a gate lock – to keep your home feeling safe and secure. . Locks make it easy for people to come home from a busy day and wake up with the belief that they are protected from any outside threats.

Your. However, you may experience a broken lock problem from time to time, which can affect the safety of yourself and your home by providing easy access to your home. While a broken lock can put you in trouble, taking the proper precautions as soon as the lock is broken can maintain your home’s security and keep you and your belongings safe. This article will guide you through the necessary steps that you must do when your lock is broken.

Step 1: Call a locksmith

The first step you should take, no matter what is to call a locksmith. Emergency locksmiths are usually on duty 24/7, so they will be able to come to your rescue no matter what time of day. The sooner you call for help, the sooner your broken lock can be fixed, and your home will feel safe again.

Step 2: Generate independent key

Safe. If your locksmith takes some time to get to your home, you might consider creating a DIY padlock to provide some security to your home in the meantime. If you have one hand, locks always work well as standalone locks for doors or windows, and if you don’t have one available, can you try to barricade the door or window? A house fence is a great way to feel more secure if you have to sleep with a broken lock.

Step 3: Tell your neighbors.

Threats. Neighbors can give you an extra pair of eyes for your home while your locks fail. If you must go out or feel uncomfortable staying indoors without adequate security, telling your neighbors about your situation will encourage them to monitor for suspicious activity around them. Around your house, they can alert you to anything that might happen.

Step 4: Keep your valuables safe

For your safety, you should stash your valuables in a safe space; The best option is to use a lockable metal safe. A door or window that can’t be locked puts you at greater risk of burglary or break-in. It would help if you also were careful not to leave any attractive items on display in your home, as this will encourage thieves to try their luck with your property. Expensive jewelry, cars, and even TVs should be kept out of sight of anyone looking at your home from the outside while your security is lost.

broken lock

Step 5: Invite a friend to stay.

If you live alone and a faulty or broken lock makes you feel unsafe, you can ask a friend or relative to stay with you until a locksmith can fix it. Having another person with you will help keep you calm and provide additional security to monitor for break-ins or threats while your stake is lost.

Leave the door unlocked.

Many people make a typical home security mistake in the summer, leaving the door unlocked while at home. It is also possible that in the summer, people go in and out of the house more (for gardening, for example) and find it easier to keep the doors open. It seems that warmer temperatures and milder nights lull people into a false sense of security.

While this is entirely understandable, it is a big mistake. The opportunistic thieves will still be around during the summer and won’t think to slip through an unlocked door. Even if they only enter your home for a few minutes, they can take away goods or items of sentimental value before leaving. With this in mind, it is important to always lock the door after entering or leaving.

Don’t deal with broken locks.

Of course, ensuring the door lock in the summer will only work if the door lock is working correctly. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t pay enough attention to damaged door locks. This makes their property easy to break into and search for.

For example, a broken lock could mean the door doesn’t lock properly or isn’t strong enough to place any pressure on it. Thieves will soon realize this and find it too simple to get through the lock and get into your property. If you notice a broken door lock in the harsh winter weather, it’s essential to have a locksmith fix it to keep it safe during the summer.

Don’t protect your home while on vacation.

Summer is the time when most of us want to get out of the ordinary and go on vacation. However, this can pose a home security risk, and you shouldn’t make the mistake of ignoring this. Try to avoid telling the world on social media platforms about your summer vacation, for example, and when you’ll be away. This makes it too easy for thieves to target you.

You should also ask a friend or family member to inspect your property if you are away for more than a few days. This will allow them to pick up the post office or trash can and prevent criminals from noticing your empty property. It’s also important to lock all doors and all windows and avoid leaving anything of value to passersby.

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