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Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Doors, Locks, and Keys

Here we talked about Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Doors, Locks, and Keys. You know what they say, safety first. Believe it or not, like your new car or a set of sparkling white teeth, car doors need regular maintenance and care to function properly and keep you safe. If you prioritize safety, you can prioritize locking your front door. But aside from double-locking when out and about, what else can you do to stay double-secure this spring? As one of Michigan’s top picks for locksmith services, we’ve got some resourceful, helpful, and trustworthy tips.

How can I maintain my locks and door keys?

Maintenance Tips for Your Doors
If you’re like most of us and think installing locks is a one-time job, it’s time to revisit your front door and how you feel about spring cleaning. Because it’s more than just dusting around your room and cleaning that creepy basement. From the physical shine to the push and pull functionality, here’s everything to check on your spring list regarding the doors and locks you rely on and the keys you carry with you.

Let it hang

Let’s start with the front (or back or side) door. In addition to the lock and door handle, the entire door must be hung correctly. What does it mean? There should be enough space between the door and the door frame for the door to move back and forth seamlessly, without binding and without sagging.

Unfortunately, the change in air humidity between winter and spring causes wooden doors to expand and contract. So don’t be surprised if the frame you aligned ideally six months ago suddenly fails.

When the door sags, there is too much space between the door and the frame. When it bonds and the door is hard to open or close, there isn’t enough room to wobble. Both cases put extra stress on the door lock, weakening it over time until it eventually fails.

Don’t twist

Briefly? Make sure the door is perfectly aligned with its frame. And install the long screws near the center of the wall of the door to prevent sagging. Those long screws also enhance the door’s break-in resistance. Shorter screws will weaken the base of the door, making it an easy target for someone trying to take it down. The door guard – or small plate that sticks to the jam in the latch position – must also be secured with long screws. Experts recommend using a long #8 screw – usually 3 inches.


That brings us to our next point: the locked door. Starting with the obvious, make sure your locks are well lubricated and cleaned. Dirt that accumulates after regular use can cause waves to stick and jam. Having a non-working lock is not easy to fix and may require the assistance of a locksmith.

Maintenance Tips for Your Doors

Plus, contract wood has a domino effect on your door latch during the winter months. In other words, the bulge around the lock prevents you from turning the lock properly. So, as winter turns to warm spring, make sure the door latches and latches work as they should. An easy way to tell if your lock isn’t working – is the latch must not fall into the door’s shield.

& Keys

With a new season comes new equipment. If your key is worn and torn after months of use, make copies so you have extra on hand if that little metal key gets damaged. Have you ever wondered where the dirt that accumulates in your locks comes from? Today is the day if you haven’t cleaned your keys with a quick sanitizer.

Call the Expert?

If you have an irreparable door jam, call a trusted local locksmith. Their expertise allows you to get in when you’re locked out. One look at your doors, locks, and keys gives them everything they need to diagnose jams and provide solutions. Because when your locks are frozen solid, your keys are broken at the end, or your door won’t budge, the last thing you want is a DIY solution to make things worse…


As an advanced society, we often forget the brutal winter can bring. Other than the superficial snowfall, the colder months have a tangible impact on the wood and metal that make up our homes. When checking through that lengthy seasonal to-do list, don’t fall asleep in that first layer of home security and take the door seriously.

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