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Reasons to install CCTV in your building

Whether a homeowner/commercial property owner, your building is a significant investment you will have to protect at all costs. A single act of theft or vandalism can cost you thousands of dollars. One of the best ways to protect your building, its contents, and its occupants is by installing CCTV. We’ve rounded up the benefits of installing CCTV on your property to help you improve your safety. That’s why we clearly described Reasons to install CCTV

Identify criminal activity

CCTV is an excellent deterrent against criminals and anyone intent on carrying out illegal activities in your home or business. Criminals are less likely to target a property with CCTV cameras. If an intruder knows CCTV cameras are recording them, they are likelier to carry out their evil intentions. Most thieves target unprotected properties, and once they realize you have a CCTV camera, they will move on to another target.

Insurance deductibles

While insurance deductions may not be the main reason for installing CCTV on your property, they are an added benefit that makes CCTV more beneficial for property owners. Produce. CCTV cameras can reduce your insurance costs by up to 20 percent by preventing criminal activity. Insurance companies often offer discounts to property owners who have installed security systems in their properties.

CCTV footage can help the prosecution in court

Law enforcement agencies can use CCTV footage to identify suspects and present evidence in court if a crime occurs in your home or business.


CCTV gives you the peace of mind you need by giving you the ability to monitor your property carefully. Whether at home or away, you can relax knowing that your possessions are safe.

Enhance your property value

When it’s time for an appraisal, a modern CCTV system will increase the value of your property. In addition, potential buyers consider the property’s security system before they make a purchase decision. So having CCTV in your building will increase your quick sale rate.


Given the prevalence of theft and crime in the United States, taking precautions is essential to keep your home safe. When protecting your home or business, you should never be too careful. If your building doesn’t have CCTV, it won’t be covered. With CCTV cameras functioning correctly, you can always have peace of mind knowing you are protected. If you have not installed CCTV cameras in your home or business, call a home security company today to help establish a reliable security company.

Reasons to install CCTV

What is a Skeleton Key?

A bone key is a key with a serrated edge that is sharpened so that it can open low-quality locks such as antique locks. This key is designed to open specific types of locks without an absolute legend. The name “bone key” comes from the fact that the key has been stripped of all extraneous parts to open old or antique lock designs successfully. The stripping makes the critical look long and thin, hence the name. In other words, a mechanical key is a product of the original key that has been modified to be able to turn inside the lock without getting stuck. However, this key cannot be used to open modern locks.

How does the Skeleton Lock work?

A skeleton key has been brought down to the essentials to align with obstructions in the compartmented padlock. Locks that can be opened with a skeleton key have patterns opposite those on the skeleton key. Therefore, these keys can get through these locks because they have no bitting to get through the holes of the wave. Just a bone key with a notch on the tooth or bite can turn the locking mechanism to unlock.

Advantages of Skeleton keys

Despite the negative impression created around bone keys, these keys can legally be used to open specific types of locks if the original key has been lost. Besides, skeleton keys eliminate the inconvenience of carrying around a bunch of keys for each door.

However, frame locking reduces the property’s sense of security, so they are not the best keys if security is your top priority. Losing a mechanical key that can open multiple locks would be a severe security threat.

The lock can open the Skeleton key.
The Skeleton key is used to open the lock – a lock that utilizes an obstacle to prevent the key from opening the lock. These keys can also be used to open old Chinese locks and certain types of lever locks.

Lock that the Skeleton keys cannot open

You can’t use skeleton keys to unlock pin locks because they use pins that must be raised to the right height to open the lock. Since a pin tumbler lock does not use a wave, selecting a tumbler lock with a bone key will not be possible. Other locks that a skeleton key cannot open include drive locks (locks with slotted discs) and locks without keyholes.

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