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Places you should never hide your spare house keys


Places you should never hide your spare house keys. Security for your house keys is paramount. People often hide their key in very vulnerable locations, affecting the safety of their homes. However, you may want to hide a spare if it gets locked. Here are 6 places where your spare house keys should never be hidden.

Under/inside a rock

You may have heard of fake rocks that can be placed in your front garden with space to store keys inside. This sounds like a good idea, but these fakes are easy to spot. Even if it takes you time to get it to blend, it’s still a significant risk.

Similarly, don’t leave your keys under a natural rock. This is one of the first places a thief will look, so it’s never a good idea.

Under your doormat

This is another common hiding place and another extremely vulnerable place. There is no way to guarantee this is a hiding place, and this is one of the first places a thief will look. Hiding spare house keys under doormats is a massive help for thieves, so it’s not a good idea.

Under the flower pot

Again, this is a very convenient hideout for you and any potential thieves targeting your home. It’s highly insecure and a prominent place to check. Even if you have a lot of flower pots in your front garden, reducing the chance that thieves will get the proper check, you are leaving your home security a chance.


Places you should never hide your spare house keys

In your wallet

This is a severe error because you not only make it easy for a thief to get your key; you also give them your address, so they know where to use it. Your wallet most likely contains your driver’s license, so they can get into your house and steal your possessions if your keys are there. Losing keys and wallets always happens, so keeping both together is extremely risky.

If you keep your spare keys in your wallet and lose your wallet at any time, your best bet is to call a locksmith and change the locks immediately.

On top of the door

This is one of the first places a thief will check and another with no security. From some vantage point, the spare key will be visible to the viewer, so it’s highly vulnerable. Many people have chosen this place to hide their keys and regretted it.

There are wheels under the trash can

The most significant risk of hiding spare keys outside your house is that they are discovered, so you must avoid such vulnerable hiding places at all costs. Again, there will be no theft without checking the key hidden under the crate. You even move these bins out every two weeks to collect trash, so your hideout will be exposed to passersby.

Call an emergency locksmith.

Getting back into your home is paramount, and you’ll need the expert help of a 24-hour locksmith, especially if you’re locked at night or in cold weather. Nothing is worse than standing outside and waiting for a locksmith to arrive, so make sure you choose a reliable and local locksmith who can come quickly to help you.

With the professional assistance of a friendly, skilled, and experienced locksmith, you will be able to re-enter your home. The service is quick and straightforward, which can be even more severe if you have a pet in the house, and this can give you extra peace of mind.

Check that nothing else is missing.

After returning home, you may feel a little more comfortable. However, when you lose your keys, you should ensure you still have your wallet, phone, and other valuables. It sounds dramatic, but if your keys are misplaced, they could have been stolen. If you notice other items and the key is lost, you must call the police to report the theft.

Before taking any drastic step, make sure you don’t simply leave missing items in your home. Check all the usual places where you keep your stuff, and if it’s clear they’re nowhere to be seen, there’s a good chance they’ve been stolen.

Change your locks

A set of your house keys in someone else’s hands poses a threat to the safety of your home, your personal belongings, and your own safety and security. Someone could use your key to get into your house when you’re not home or even asleep, which can be a scary thought. Whether your keys have been stolen or lost, changing your locks is the best way to optimize your ongoing security.

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