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Keep your assets safe as the days get longer

If, like many others, you’ve been at home quite a bit over the past few months, you’ll undoubtedly be ready to go out when spring arrives – and we hope that lockdown continues to ease.
Whether this involves spending more time with friends in your garden, walking around the block, or even going somewhere else, it’s essential to ensure Keep your assets safe.
Over the past year, stepping away from the everyday actions you can take to protect your home can be easy, especially when you’ve been out once again for a while. So here are some essential tips and reminders to keep your home safe this season:
Check your locks
This is an area that people take for granted until something inappropriate happens. A broken padlock can cause anger and one that is not as secure as before. Find out about this after a burglary occurred to too many people. So is an excellent time to inspect your locks and call a local professional locksmith if improvements are needed.

Keep your assets safe

Pay attention to your windows when the weather is hot

If it’s been a hot day and it’s still very stuffy inside at night, you may want to open some windows when you go to bed, hoping the overnight cool will help. Especially if you’re sleeping upstairs, remember that ground-floor windows make it easy for thieves to access, even if you’re visiting nodding land!

Have your neighbor clock

Letting people on either side of you know when you’ll be away for longer than usual allows them to keep an eye on them. Offering the same service to them means you’ve created a small and selective neighborhood watchdog!

Change security lighting time.

You may have set these up to light up your home, inside or outside, in the winter. Failure to change them can cause the lamps to burn out when there are still a few hours of natural light left in the day. This could be another sign that your property is empty for anyone looking for a break-in.

Be careful what you post on social media.

How often do you see people posting messages telling us they’re checking into a hotel or going to a health club or restaurant? This can also signal thieves that their property may be empty. In these cases, it’s probably best to wait until after the event you’re heading to and then post pictures of the great time you enjoyed!

Protect your car

If you only have your keys, you must take steps to prevent thieves from coming back and stealing your car. Giving you a spare key, you can open the bonnet and remove essential components, like fuses or spark plugs, but if you can block your car with another car or lock it in a garage, that is better and can be more easily achieved.

Report a crime to the police

After securing your vehicle, report the incident to the police and obtain a crime reference number. This will allow to track the progress of the heist.

Contact a professional auto locksmith.

In most cases, car keys can be reprogrammed, so returning thieves won’t be able to start the car. A professional auto locksmith can assist you even if you have a spare set of keys. Once the auto locksmith arrives on-site, they can use the diagnostic machine to remove any programmed keys and desynchronize any fobs used for remote locking.

If you need a brand new key, an auto locksmith can also make you a key that will match your existing locks and be able to start your car. They can also change the locks on your vehicle so that a stolen physical key can’t unlock the door and start the ignition.

Contact your auto insurance company.

While waiting for your auto locksmith to arrive, you can contact your auto insurance provider to find out how the problem is covered under your policy. Some car insurance companies will offer essential protection as part of the policy you pay for and may cover some of the cost of protecting your vehicle from attempts to steal your vehicle. It’s not unheard of for car insurance companies to require a complete change of locks, so you must check with them and find out any policy requirements before doing so. Your auto locksmith arrives.

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