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How Secure Are Lockboxes in Miami 2023?

Most homeowners and hosts hide spare keys under doormats, in the garage, or on a nearby plant. While this method is convenient, it also makes it easy for criminals to locate keys and gain access to properties. A safer alternative to hiding keys is installing a lockbox. The question is: how secure are lockboxes?


There are many factors that can play into a lockbox’s security, and some of them have nothing to do with the locking mechanism itself. Many residential locksmiths would never recommend using a plastic lockbox, for example, as these cause huge security risks and are easily bypassed.

However, a professional locksmith can help to bolster lockbox security with specific improvements. These might include reinforcing the door jamb or installing video monitoring equipment that links to a homeowner’s phone.

Some modern lockboxes come with Bluetooth capabilities and smartphone apps that make accessing keys easier and safer. This is perfect for realtors and property owners who need to show a home or commercial property remotely. It also gives the fire department an easy way to enter buildings in case of a disaster or emergency without having to damage a door or window.


The main reason that homeowners, real estate agents, and landlords use lockboxes is to provide convenience. People are busy and they don’t always have the time to physically visit properties that they are interested in buying or renting. The idea is to allow more people to see the property without the owner or realtor present, and this can lead to sales at a faster rate.

The problem is that these boxes are often poorly made and have a low barrier to entry, and it is not unusual for them to be bypassed. This can be done in a variety of ways that include drilling, prying, cutting, decoding, and shimming.

Professional locksmiths know what keeps burglars away from homes, buildings, and apartments and can recommend security equipment that can complement or replace a lockbox. They can also reinforce door jambs to hold up against more direct force. These are simple measures that can make a big difference in protecting a home, business, or apartment from unwanted intruders.


There is no denying that lockboxes provide an incredible level of convenience for real estate agents and landlords. However, it’s also important for property owners to keep in mind that these devices can still be hacked or breached by individuals with enough ambition and determination. Professional locksmiths have extensive knowledge on what burglars look for and how to prevent these breaches. This includes reinforcing door jambs and installing security equipment that supplements the use of a lockbox.

Essentially, a lockbox is a metal container that holds keys and other small items inside. It has an open lever that releases a key when the correct combination is entered into the number pad, and it has a small space where sets of keys can be stored. The shackle, number pad, and storage compartment work together to bolster lockbox security by keeping it hard to access by those without the right code. These types of features are the reason that realtors and landlords gush over these devices.


Realtors and landlords gush over lockboxes because they save them time, money, and headache by allowing remote access to properties and buildings without the owners or realtors present. This allows people to see homes or buildings immediately, which can result in more and better sales over the long term.

A lockbox features a number pad and an open lever that’s activated by the correct combination of numbers. Once the open lever is pressed, it releases the locking mechanism and opens up the storage compartment for access to keys.

Some homeowners, landlords, and real estate agents choose to have these lockboxes installed on the back or side doors for more concealment. However, this presents a risk of more theft and break-ins. Professional locksmiths can install reinforced door jambs to complement the function of a lockbox by deterring burglars and securing the property against direct force. They can also recommend other security equipment that’ll enhance lockbox functionality.

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