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Five Tips for Securing Your Storage Unit

Spring is a time for renewal and renewal. That is why many people choose spring as the time to clean and clean their homes as well as securing their storage unit. Many items can be donated to charity or placed in the trash or recycling bin. However, some things have too much sentimental or practical value to give or throw away.

Self-storage may be the answer to keeping those items, but they shouldn’t constantly take up precious space in your home. Self-storage is a $40 billion industry in the United States, one in 10 households nationwide rents a self-storage device.1 Regardless of the items in your storage device, Whether you have accurate or sentimental value, it’s essential to ensure that the lock you use to secure your storage prevents theft of those items.

Locksmiths offer helpful advice when it comes to security, including storage units.

Storage Unit

Keep reading to find out how to optimize the security of your storage, so your stuff stays safe and dry.

Tip #1: Check with your host for their essential requirements.

Contact your host to see what types of locks they allow. Most storage devices will enable locks or disk locks and not allow you to place a cylindrical lock on the storage device. Most people are familiar with waves as they are the most common type of lock. Students use a combination Master Lock padlock to secure their lockers.

A padlock has a shackle (a round piece of metal) passed through an opening, like the round hole in a locker doorknob, and then fixed back into the padlock to prevent access. A disc lock is a more modern lock, most commonly used to secure motorcycles and scooters by placing it over the brake discs of motorcycles or scooters.

As the name implies, a disk padlock has a round shape and a locking pin at the top that can secure an object, similar to how a padlock works. The disc shape makes the lock sturdier than the padlock because it has only a tiny hole in the shackle.

The third type of lock, the cylindrical lock, uses a key-opened cylinder mechanism that aligns the pins in the cylinder to unlock when inserted into the lock. Cylinder locks can be quickly re-locked and reconfigured into several different types of locking mechanisms. Still, they are also susceptible to being opened by experienced thieves with mechanical keys or essential grabbing tools.

Tip #2: If you’re storing valuables, invest in your locks.

We always want to buy the “best” item. Locks for storage units start at around $10.00 online. It would help if you considered what you put in your storage before purchasing a key. If it’s primarily clothes or household items that can be easily replaced, spending a lot of money on a lock may not make much sense. However, if, in most self-storage situations, you are storing sentimental items or valuables of some kind, it makes sense to invest in a good quality lock. Experts recommend spending between $40 and $200.2

Tip #3: When buying a lock, look for a high-quality one.

Evaluating the quality of a lock can get complicated. A locksmith can give you the best advice. They will know which type of lock is more vulnerable to vandalism. They will also introduce a padlock with a thick body and shackle, a U-shaped metal ring that opens to lock and unlock. For added protection, they recommend that the bonds be wrapped, wrapped, or completely hidden to deter thieves better.

The most desirable metal for a locked post is hardened steel which makes the lock resistant to cutting, drilling, and picking. Don’t want the waves to look expensive, advertising to thieves that the contents of your storage are worth stealing.

Tip #4: Make sure the locks you buy are weather resistant.

If the door to your storage has been breached from the outside, you need to ensure that the locks you purchase are weather-resistant. Look for the words “waterproof” or “outdoor” or “weatherproof” when searching for the right padlock.

Tip #5: Don’t rely solely on locks on your storage to deter thieves.

When choosing a hosting facility, it is essential to consider the facility’s type of security. The primary security amenities provided by the facility should include good exterior and interior lighting and limited access to the facility, even if it is controlled access where you must use card security or passcode to enter or on-site management monitoring access.4 Some facilities also offer advanced security features, including video surveillance, on-site managers, and units. 

Storage Unit

Action Locksmith in Michigan is a family-owned locksmith business that has provided residential and commercial locksmith services for over 30 years. We have experience in all areas of lock making, not just emergency lock services, and can help with your security needs. Whether you need new locks and doors, a camera security system, or need to upgrade your business code, we can help. Locksmiths know security, so contact a trusted local locksmith for advice if you have questions.

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